Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Japanese Cotton V.1

First batch of all!

Kain cotton 4 meter yang comel-comel!
Tahan lasak, ringan dan sejuk!
Sangat best bila pakai.

- Design limited to one piece only but varied in color! No worries! :D
- Priced: RM100 per piece of 4 metre.

First come, first serve basis. Muahaha!

Code: JC01
Price: RM100/4 meter
Description: Abstract geometric circle-y design. Very cute.
Sesuai juga kalau nak gabung dengan kain JC04 untuk kain baju kurung. Kekal unik kan?

Also Available in:
  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Green

Code: JC02
Price: RM100/4 meter
Description: Classic flowery design.
Macam budak kampung zaman dulu-dulu! :D

Code: JC03
Price: RM100/4 meter
Description: Again, small flowers and all. Orangey!

Code: JC04
Price: RM100/4 meter
Desciption: Abstract geometric horizontal/vertical lines design.
Siapa yang mahukan kelainan, bolehlah ambil yang ni! Serius cantik!

Also available in:
  1. Pink SOLD to Fify Ramly
  2. Blue
  3. Green

Code: JC05
Price: RM100/ 4 meter
Classic English roses. Sweet sangat! Love Item comes color coded jadi tak ada masalah kalau nak matching tudung! Hehe.

Code: JC06
Price: RM100/ 4 meter
Description: Yep. Another English Roses design, only lighter in the background hue. Pretty!

Code: JC07
Price: RM100/ 4 meter
Descriptions: Half flower-y, half geometric. Unique.
SOLD to Izzati Zin.

Code: JC08
Price: RM100/ 4 meter
Descriptions: Adik beradik sebenarnya dengan JC03, only this is the pink ones. Cute? Yes!

Code: JC09
Price: RM100/ 4 meter
Descriptions: Oh. A beauty! Striking small orange flowers on the chocolate background. Classic! Cheer

Also available in:
  1. Orange / Brown: SOLD to Karniza Khalid
  2. Pink / Black (Email me quick if you need a picture of it! Happy)

Code: JC10
Price: RM100/ 4 meter
Descriptions: Siapa pernah tengok filem alahyarham Yasmin Ahmad, Sepet? Haa. Macam nilah lebih kurang design baju kurung cotton Orked. Manis!

ps. Interested? Drop me a message at , hurry!

Rishana's Style

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



This will be our shop!
A lot of items will be added from time to time ranging from shawls and accessories.
So stay tuned!